Welcome to the E.Romero Research Group @ UCSD

We aim to merge visible light photoredox with ground-state catalysts to enable academically, industrially, and medicinally important organic transformations under mild reaction conditions.

September 2022 Romero Research Group


Prof. Erik Romero (and Bijou the Chihuahua), Carlos Cruz, Wesley Hatcher, Nicholas McDonald, Melissa Zamora, Jonathan Galicia, Ava Henry, Dr. Delphine Pichon-BarrĂ© (and Panini the Belgian Malinois), Alexander Braddock, and Christopher Bennett, 

Join our team!

We are on the lookout for future group members that will help us take our research endeavors to new heights. In addition, we want team members who are positive, inclusive, and willing to help those around them. Having previous experience in photochemistry is not required as the purpose of graduate school is to learn new things. The only requirement is the intrinsic drive to learn and apply new experimental techniques to the development of synthetic methods.

****We are looking for undergraduate students interested in advancing our outreach via TikTok efforts. Ideally, those interested would have some experience with video editing and would be excited to make new informative content. Navigate to our TikTok page (@r2gchemist) to see the kinds of stuff we have made in the past!****

If this sounds good to you, check out our research interests and our group members pages! We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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